Let her sun never set

Pub 78. The Victoria, 30th July 2012

Hoorah - we manage to find the Victoria open! Seems it's only an evening-only pub, which is a bit annoying. Or maybe I've just been unlucky. Or maybe I''ve been lucky...? Or maybe it just looks shut. When we went in it was very quiet. A couple of urban scruffy-chic dudes at the bar, and a woman and a couple of kids at a table eating the tasty looking pizza they do, playing with a very cute pub dog. But it was past 9pm - why were there kids in the place? At least they were quiet.

Not much of a selection, I went for the Pride, and it was very nice. My friend saw the Crabbies Ginger Beer and fancied it but the barman was adamant they didn't have any. He was eventually guided to it, and we settled down on the comfy plush banquette at odd looking copper table that looked like a small ironing board. Actually it's perfectly designed to be big enough for pints & elbows but not take up more room than need be.

I guess this is a place for sophisticated cool folks, who want to think they're going to a real pub. It's all very nice, although the music was a bit intrusive and the small lamps on the bar were unpleasantly dazzling once one's eyes had adjusted to pleasant-gloomy lighting within.
The pavement outside is a right nice afternoon sun-trap but come 5pm it seems that everyone from the nearby Greater London House (that of the black cats) come here for post-office tie-loosened drinks. Bottle lagers and Magners on ice all round please!
But all in all, it's a perfectly good, quiet, tarted-up, back-street boozer, but I'm not overly amused by it.

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  1. August 2013 Closed and sold for residential flats