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Pub 84. The Camden Head, 13th April 2012

Oops! I popped in the Camden Head ages ago but clean forgot to write it up. Such is my dedication and commitment! Or perhaps it was all the excitement of the Grand National that day distracting me - spending my winnings may have addled my memory perhaps... thank goodness for 5th place payouts!

The Camden Head - thankfully no longer Liberties - is one of the oldest pubs in Camden Town. Although having said that it's no older than any of the buildings around it which by other parts of Camden isn't really that old. But we all love a good old Victorian boozer (well, building). And it would have probably remained missing from my record forever if it wasn't for a nice chap called Jack who was wondering why I'd not popped in it. Jack does have an interest, but for a gratefully received reminder Jack receives a link to that interest: his Camden Head page - the pub's own website. Prepare for the traffic Jack!

The pub itself is fine. Adnams this and Adnams that. Took a while to get served but it was very busy on a sunny Saturday afternoon. They do food, comedy and music - I haven't tried any of them.
Perfectly good, pleasant, uncontrived, no-frills but decent hectic high street boozer and on this particular stretch of Camden's lariest high street that's worth a lot.

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