All are dumb

Pub 245. All Bar One (Holborn). 7th January 2014.

Sadly the signage outside was correct, this All Bar One was open as usual.
Tentatively I entered, it quite empty thankfully, unlike the last All Bar One I had the misfortune to have to go in. Small mercies!

After waiting an age for someone to appear behind the bar, I handed over £2.70 for half of a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and retreated to a table with some complimentary newspapers on it.

The few punters in there all seemed smarty-farty office types. One girl sat on her own blaring down her iPhone. And another woman sat in the corner with two gentleman had no qualms in blaring out inanities such as "I just don't like being somewhere where I'm not comfortable..."

Having got to about page 9 of the Thunderer I had supped my sweet fizzy cold Yank ale, and without regret returned to the darkness without.

Please let there be no more All Bar Ones in the borough.

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