You're bard!

Pub 244. The Shakespeare's Head. 7th January 2014.

A great big huuuuge Wetherspoons, full of tourists tucking into fish & chips. Pretty the same as any other 'spoons really. Nice having no music forced down your lugholes as ever. And the Wibbler's Dengie Dark was typically cheap. I thought at the time it was £2.50 - but sounds a bit unrealistic thinking about it.

Some nice paintings and a massive library of books - which surely no-one ever uses?
As with all Wetherspoons there's not much to say, a spoons is a spoons with all the usual thrills & spills. Although this has fruit machines - I thought Mr JD didn't allow them? Or have times a-changed?

But the Shakey's claim to fame must be that it surely boasts the longest uninterrupted view in any pub in Camden. Wow!

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  1. Not a bad boozer considering it's a 'Spoons. When I popped in they had a interesting selection of ales on and the service was polite and efficient even on a very busy Christmas season evening. Worth popping in if you're nearby.

    I've seen fruit machines in most London 'Spoons for the past few years, I'm not sure there was ever a ban on them!