Sloe down

Pub 243. The Sloe Bar, 16th December 2013.

A sectioned off corner of Euston Station, tucked right of the way near platfom, the only passing trade must be on the way to the station's 30p a time toilets.
But despite that it was rammed - I actually had to stand up to enjoy my John Smith's Keg-flo.

Like the new All Bar One nearby what attracts people to a place a like this? Even the Britannia is still inside the station so you can keep an eye on your departures, and that place has proper beer.

Perhaps people like the strong whiff of deisel fumes in there, or perhaps the novelty of drinking in the only pub in Camden that doesn't have its own toilets.

But to be fair, for what it is, it isn't that bad.

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