Come, come, come...

Pub 249. The Old Bull and Bush, 18th January.

The Bull and Bush - famed for so many reasons. Surely everyone's familar with the song, Ann Widdecomb's slight misfortune, and most exciting of all - the Tube station there that never was.
(The pub interestingly is also mentioned in the other song about a Camden pub...)
Sadly though nothing is made of any of these interesting stories, in fact nothing is made of its great and long history which it could arguably trace back to 1645. Odd - usually pubs with a tale to tell ram it down your throat with large boards displaying fantastic tales of the pub's past. And from what I read the recent refit has ruined a lovely old quirky interior and replaced it with just another loungey-gastropub to please the tourists and nice Hampstead people with a car.

So inside it's all very plain. Plain in a very nice tasteful way that is. It's very much more towards the restaurant end of the gastro-pub spectrum, although the Young's Bitter at £2.30 a pint was very cheap and very cheerful.

Henry Kelly came in, with his zimmer frame and was warmly greeted by the staff. Perhaps the pub's only regular? If they'd had Young's London Gold on I would loved to hear him say "I'm going on Gold!" that would've made my day. But otherwise this pub doesn't.

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