Novelty rock?

Pub 275. Aces & Eights, 3rd July 2014.

This used to be a bank once. And then it turned into a bar. Called The Bank. And it was as much fun being in a bank.

Now it's Tufnell Park's premier American-style rock 'n' roll dive bar, named in honour of the most notorious hand in poker.

They don't have any ales either, but it was a sweltering day and a Camden Town Hells went down quite nicely. But at £4.10 a pint Camden Town must be raking it in. They might even be able to afford to actually move to Camden Town one day.

But it's pleasant enough inside - probably because I had the place to myself for most of the time.
The barmaid was lovely - and English! And the numerous other ladies were equally easy on the eye, and naked.

Outside it claims they sell "liqour, pizza, rock". I could see the liquor behind the bar, and pizza menu looked appetising but nowhere could I see any rock for sale. Har har.

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