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Pub 278. The Gallery, 9th July 2014.

A gallery! Great - might get to see some nice pictures or art or something. But nope. The only art here is very loud music. I guess the gallery is the balcony thing inside, commanding fine views of whatever is underneath, as an estate agent might say.

The barman was nice, the beer fizzy and expensive. My first choice of seat was next to an ear-level loudspeaker. My second choice in a squishy leather couch by many passing face-level babcksides, and next to some creaky wooden steps that everyone insisted of stamping down with great gusto.

I tried not to rush my drink but the little spot lights behind the ceiling fans, combined with "the tunes" were giving my a right old headache. To paraphrase Tony Hart's gallery announcement "I'm sorry but I can't promise to return..."

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