And I've not done a thing.

Pub 279. Done Our Bit, 9th July 2014.

I know, I shouldn't include this as it's a social club rather than a pub. But if you're lucky like me a nice friendly chap in there might sign you in as a guest. You might even get put up for membership!

So, I popped in on the off-chance and was quite prepared to be told "Sorry - members only" but the couple of chaps in there were very friendly indeed, and I ended up staying for a good few light ales.
And much fine chit-chat about football, the state of clubs and Jeff Goldblum (we were watching Pointless),

It's a club for ex-servicemen - hence "Done Our Bit", and rightly so. But I don't think you need to be an ex-serviceman now.And members get to use that all too-rare treat once common when cubs were common - one of the full size snooker tables. More than all the (other) pubs in Camden put together.

If I lived a bit closer I'd definitely be asking for a membership form, and hoping to be seconded. Instead, I just hope someone will sign me again next time I'm passing. If it's good enough for Jimmy Edwards it's good enough for me!

I'm just grateful that I never had to do my bit. Lest we forget. Cheers boys.

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