All done but not beaten.

Pub 281. The Beaten Docket, 9th July 2014.

The Beaten Docket is the now the only pub in Camden I've not been in (that was possible to go into at the time of visiting... stupid All Bar One!) and all that hard work as given a right thirst.And where better to go out with a celebratory bang than in a Cricklewood Wetherspoons.

But at least that means that ones thirst can be quenched very cheaply. The Pure Gold was very nice too.

But there again, it being a Wetherspoons it was of course just like every other Wetherspoons, complete with tourists' half-eaten food. And a 2 mile walk to the loos.

This one had BBC beer mats. Don't think I've any of them before. The things you discover having a drink in every pub in Camden!

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