In Last place

Pub no. 160. The Bull and Last, 26th February 2013.

Is this the poshest pub in Camden that still honestly call itself a pub? I think it might be. Just look at my glass!! Although for £2.10 for a half ELB pale ale you'd expect a fancy glass.

It's the kind of pub where you might want to take your mum. I believe the Sunday roasts are good here - "Yorkshire puddings the size of weddings hats" sound bang on to me, mind you I bet there's not much change from 15 quid though. But on this occasion it was just drinkers. A group of lads sat down at tables, and two painfully hip foreign chaps at the bar. See his white headphones above? You can't see his cat-mourning trousers revealing carefully chosen green socks. They were doing that odd thing that Europeans do - talking constantly with absolutely no expression. With Brits in a pub every sentence or so will be punctuated by shock, exclamation or laughter. And that what's makes us better :-)

Anyways, I digress. The one thing I really didn't like about here, other than the prices, were the stupid candles on the tables. I hate them. I'd much rather walk 5 mins down the road to Southampton Arms.

And as for the name, no matter what you're told I'm pretty sure that in this context 'last' means 'gate'. But I can't find proof. But I'm sure I read it somewhere. Makes sense though?

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