Hip to be Square

Pub 159. The Square Tavern. 25th February 2013.

Camden's most secret pub?? Hidden down an alley in a square in the middle of a housing estate it can't get much passing trade. But it seems to be busy most nights with post-work office drinkers.
What you get a is pretty standard Youngs pub, which is no bad thing. When I went only one ale was on, Young's Ordinary Bitter. Which is fine. There's also something like 100 different malt whiskies to choose from. I joked with the barmaid that I planned to try them all - she laughed politely.

It was fairly quiet on my visit. But on one site a group of men were tucking in to their fish & chips or steak & ale pie or whatever Youngs pub grub they'd chosen, so over there it stunk of gravy and vinegar much to the distate of my nose. So I went to the other side, where the shrill shreeching accent of a young American girl was much to the distate of my ears. You can't win.
But beer tasted nice and the pub looks ok. So it's not all bad.

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