Pub 62. The Haverstock Arms, 29th April 2012

I used to live just round the corner from here and would often pop in. A perfectly good nice & comfy no frills boozer it is. Sadly though it looks like it's going to be another tarted-up fancy gastropub as 'Andrew the celebrity barman' is retiring and selling up. He's been there a while though and despite my desperate punning title he's not been sacked, so I guess he deserves it. Although he attempts to re-brand it using a popular nickname for it is a bit annoying. No-one is going to 'pop down the Havers for a pint' just because you've painted 'The Havers' on it.

Two of the four handpumps were pumping, I went for the Sambrooks and settled at the bar to admire the stool-spaniel. Animals in pubs are smashing - when they are quiet. I got into some friendly banter with one of the locals at the bar who had to attract the barmaid's attention for me. I can't remember what now, something mildy teasing towards her I think - all good pub fun.

A piano was evident although I suspect the Sky Sports on the flatscreens provides the entertainment nowadays, The urinals used to be full of loose change if I remember correctly, but it looks like it's been cleared out for Andrew's retirement fund! And good luck to hin, but it will be a shame to lose this pub. Why don't renowned pub-lovers and ex-locals Chris Moyles or Chris Evans do something with it? There's not many no-nonsense boozers round here. And what will become of the already faded mural?! Another one is about to bite the dust. Sigh.

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