Hip flask

Pub 61. The Flask, 29th April 2012.

Once a load of us went to the Flask in Highgate for a Sunday lunch, but one came here instead. Oh how we laughed.
Anyways. Thankfully, the Flask isn't hip at all. It's actually very nice - and has that rarest of things these days : two seperate bars! Oh what simple and lovely joy.

Being a bit rough, and knowing my place I went in the public bar. Usual Youngs fare on offer, which is fine. Had a sip, bit of a look around at the bare, empty, poor side of the pub and thought "I'm better than this!" and went next door to live it up in the lounge. Checking first of course I didn't have my workman's boots on.

I didn't fancy walking through the Gents with my pint, so I popped outside and went in the other door. It's always a vaguely liberating experience walking even a short distance down the street with a pint. Even a very short distance down a very little quaint street, as Flask Walk is. And into the lounge. Typical Hampstead touristy types in here. I should've stayed public! But I do like a carpet.

The Flask. This one's in Hampstead, it's very nice. Choose the public bar, or even better sit in the street! There's not even traffic fumes round here.

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