Phil her up

Pub 255. Philomena's, 10th March 2014.

Not only is at a Irish Bar, but it's an Irish Bar & Kitchen! Double the craic. It used to be an O'Neils (then a "Cafe Bar") and before that The Sugar Loaf, which goes back to God knows when and just occupied the left hand bit. But enough of history - how about the present?

It's very nice. Quiet, nicely gloomy, and comfy & cosy with it. Their own eponymous brew was nice enough - £4 a pint though you would hope so. A few tourists were lapping up the genuine Irish charm tucked away at the back, and a few more more wiley drinkers were sat at the bar. All very nice for a Covent Garden I suppose. I even found a table for me next Valentine's Day!

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