The "Cal-torpe" Arms,

Pub 90. The Calthorpe Arms, 25th August 2012.

The last time I came here it was wonderfully shabby. I like that. but now it's been spruced up - and thankfully they haven't ruined it, although it does look a bit like the decor has come on the advice of Sir Walter Scott. 
The photo above, by the way, is nicked off Google and shows it pre-tartan tarting up. The doorway incidentally is handy for loitering in while watching for your bus coming, which I was doing on my last visit.

The usual Young's fare on offer, reliable as ever. Although the eastern European barmaid caused some price confusion thus:

[I took this to mean £3.10 and presented her with £3.20]
"Tree-tur please!"
"Yes, there's three tweny."
"No! Tree tur!!"
"How much?"
"Tree turrr!"

She meant three thirty. Three pounds and thirty pence please. "Tree tur"??? What does that mean? It certainly deosn't mean you should give me a look as if to suggest the confusion was all my fault and I am stupid.

There was a gang on regulars round the bar, and it was nice and quiet - the telly with the sound down. All jolly good. 
Then a bemused looking German tourist came in sat down and perused the menu before getting up to order the gammon, and sat down to eat it while engaging with his iPhone.
Then a few minutes later another bemused German tourist came in, sat down to peruse the menu before getting up to order a lasagne, and he sat down to eat it while reading his book. 
They didn't seem to know each other, so what an odd coindence I thought. And how annoying that now the pub stinks of fried food.

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