Grey area

Pub 89. The Yorkshire Grey, 25th August 2012

I only had time for a quickie in here, as as soon as I got to the bar I was told they were closing soon for a private party. This really annoys me when pubs do this. It's a public house! PUBLIC! Where's your function room? It was never allowed in the old days. Oh well. When I said no problems, I just want a swift half and the toilet they helpfully & eagerly pointed me in the direction of the toilet. I really had to convince them that I wanted a drink too. But the bar-staff were very nice all the same, although one of them spent the whole twenty minutes I was in there pounding some white powder in a large glass jar with a long metal implement like a medieval alchemist's apprentice. God knows what he was doing.

The beer was nice - although I can't remember what it was now. The one on the right in the photo, which I can't make out. The pub was very pleasant, a bit smaller than it looks on the outside though. Look out for the man on said Yorkshire Grey at the top of the building, very nice that.

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