Well well well.

Pub 65. The Wells Tavern, 6th May 2012

Well. I think I'm the only person to have drunk at the bar in the Wells Tavern for a long time, and it did have the feeling of leaning over a shop counter prying into what was going on, no chance of a cosy bit of small talk with an avuncular publican here!

The Black Sheep was very nice, but I felt I was sticking out a bit because I was on my own, I'm sure the excitable Spanish / Italian (??) bar-staff were wondering what I was up to. Unless they were too busy darting about keeping themselves looking busy doing nothing, rearranging fridges and polishing shelves. It wasn't very busy - just a couple of a romantic couples and a family outing who were rowing about something.

Sadly for such a historic pub in such a history-rich area there's no mention of the Wells. But I intended market probably don't care for such things, such is the nature of the gastro-pub. I hear Occupy London are currently Occupying the Heath at the Vale of Health just up the road. I doubt they'll be popping in here for a snakebite & black, so at least it has one thing going for it!


  1. Gosh you must have been at a funny time, the place is always packed and I can never get a table when I want one!

  2. It was a Sunday tea-time I think, plenty of people outside but it was a bit quiet. Lucky me!