Brick in the wall

Pub no. 252. The Bricklayer's Arms. 6th February 2014.

Another pub that had been walked past many times but not entered as following on from earlier boundary confusion I didn't realise it was in Camden. Rather stupidly though on this occasion as it is clearly in Camden, and even has a sign (for Stephen Mews) saying 'Camden' on attached to it.
How silly of me.

Anyways, what you get is a bog-standard Sammy Smith's pub. At lunch time I had the place to myself, had some banter with the manager about the amount of food & drink people leave behind.
Then he left, and a hairy youth of a barman came in and his constant shuffling, rustling, dragging of stools, and bronchial coughing left the usual lovely Smiths peace & quiet in tatters. I did get a grunt when I left though.

But as it turns out, I have been here before. Now I know that we're in Camden here after-all, this could be the very first pub in the borough I came to - possibly taking the honour away from the previous claimant, but too be honest after all this time I really can't remember. It was one of them.
We'd been to visit Channel 5 on some work outing, and afterwards came (or were taken I seem to recall?) to the Channel 5 works pub. I remember being very excited on being told it was a television pub and all the top (Channel 5) telly people come here. "Cor! Exciting this London innit??" I thought to myself.

These days I'd rather have it to myself thanks.

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