Uncomfortable reading

Pub no. 123. The Old Eagle, times various.

Nothing against the Old Eagle but I've never really like it. I'm not sure if it's the beer, which there isn't a huge lot to choose from and I'm sure isn't cheap. Or the barstaff whose English is rudimentary but seem to harbour the idea that they work in one of Camden's great secrets. Maybe it's the faintly ridiculous contrived bric-a-brac. Or maybe it's that I've never comfortable in here - physically comfortable that is. They've worried so much about making the chairs look trendy and stripped back and rustic, as places do these days, they've not worried at all about what they're like to sit on. So the resulting array of wobbly pews, straight-back dining chairs and "cool" battered leather sofas is a bit of a mess, and one that's difficult to get comfy in. The plants and conservatory bit round the look nice though.

I'd go back without too much moaning if there was a reason, but just to write a scoffily dismissive paragraph is not one!

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