And good gardening...!

Pub no. 125. The Abbey Tavern, 23rd December 2012.

Always be wary of pubs that say things outside like "Drink Eat Garden". Are these nouns? Clearly "eat" can never be a noun, can it? I'd be more happy if they were verbs, and I could go in to drink and eat, and then nip out the back to see how my carrots and runner-beans are doing. But we all know what it means really, it means they're idiots.

The only ale on was Shingle Shells, so I shingled-shelled out £1.90 (I think) for a half. The place is big, empty, dark and cold. But that didn't bother the barstaff, who were clearly very excited about Christmas or going home for the day. One barmaid decided to swap her Santa hat for the one on the other pump above, and popped hers back on the Shingle Shellsu pump handle. "Oh - is the Shingle Shells off? I was going to have another." I lied. "No." she looked at me with a look that said "Why? Why are you asking me this stupid question you stupid person? Why on earth would it be off?" as she waltzed away very happy with her new hat on her hear and her old one on the pump.

A lady came in and asked to order some food from one of the numerous menus. One girl took her order to be then told by a chap that he wasn't sure if they still did food. She went to the loo while he went to kitchen to ask. No more food he told the lady, can you collect the menus he asked the barmaid. The lady wasn't happy. "I'm starving!!" she whinged.
The blackboard outside was boasting that they were showing Christmas movies, A Wonderful Life, Mary Poppins (is this a Christmas movies?) - etc. I can't remember what the others were. Inside they were indeed showing Mary Poppins - always a fun film to watch. But they were showing it with the sound down, so you could singalong to the jukebox rather than Julie & Dick. Chim chim cha-boo!

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