A load of Boulogne

Pub 10. The Bull and Gate, 3rd December 2011.

Pic robbed off Google.

I often walk past here on my way up to another place across the road, and often peak in to wonder at the splendour within, ignoring the strares of the scruffy old locals smoking outside. And even by Kentish Town's high standards the interior and indeed the exterior are a pretty splendid, Victorian gin-palace loveliness but without going too OTT. Built I think in 1850 it has to be one of oldest original pubs certainly in this part of the borough.And surely it must be listed? Apparently it used to be called the Boulogne Gate, but I can't see that myself. It was certainly a lot more rural round here than French and Bull & Gate is such a common name anyways it sounds much more likely. But if you know different...
I had planned to meet a friend here who was going to a gig at the Forum just the up the road, and it's always handy to visit a pub I wouldn't normally go in - for no real reason having said that. The last time I went in we were a bit nonplussed by lighting, I think we decided it was too bright. That was certainly the worst thing about it on this visit. And that's too bad a thing anyways.
Friendly bar staff, proper landlord and landlady who are prepared to do the work themselves and dress up smartly too, the longest serving in Camden I believe. Not a huge place but spacious and lots of seating that all seems to be out of the way of the other seats. A pleasant pint or 2 of Pride at £3.80 (I think... i wrote it down somewhere as i'd had a long day already - will have to go and check and revise if need be!).

Well, my friend never turned up but I bumped into another pal which was nice. And the black-donned big-booted long-haired people who were all off to the gig were all quite pleasant too. And even if not I could have entertained myself studying a large version of thingy's lovely old panorama of Kentish Town.
Everything is right about here but there again it felt like it was missing something, but I'm blown if I think what. I think maybe it would have been nicer if I'd been sat up the other end - see top right pic. I believe it's up for sale, and I do hope that the Lynskeys get a good price - they deserve it. But also that the new owners don't change a thing! Dimmer lighting and a few more ales perhaps?

Nice bar
Nice inside

Nice pagan imagery

Nice staining in the toilet
Nice ceiling and candles
Nice people

Nice carpeted heating vents

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