The building formerly known as...

Pub 12. The Parr's Head. 10th December 2011.

Regular readers will know that in my quest I'm always looking for an excuse to visit a battle cruiser which I normally would have no cause to go to.
Our washing machine was on the blink this weekend, indeed it still is, and I had run out of smalls. The nearest laundrette is on Plender Steet, and so is the Parr's Head. Spendid I thought, I can pop in for a pint while my clothes are laundered a few doors down and have a peek round a formely unvisited pub. Off we go! But imagine my shock when I saw this...

Actually to my shame it turns out it closed in late October. I'm sure I've been past since then, maybe I haven't. But what a shame. One hundred and fifty year of continuous pub business gone. I've sure real ales were not high on the list of priorties (I could be wrong of course), but these are the real pubs that we should cherish. I'm sure there wasn't a single tourist seen in here for yonks. And is a reminder why such places are worth a quick peek at least - you never know when they're going to go. I think this is the first one to go since I started my adventure. How many more...? Maybe I should prioritise. Nah too much effort. I read on the internet it's destined for flats. Of course. And there were a few moist eyes when they rang the last last orders. I bet.

The Parr does not have a head for apostophes.
On returning from the laundrette I was greeted with a rather lovely sunset, signalling the end of another honest no-frills locals' boozer. (Which actaully ended some 6 weeks ago...) I thought this would make a nice photo, laden with meaning and metaphor. A young chap stood by me said "I was just thinking the same thing mate", and we briefly commented on the loveliness of the view. I was actually thinking "What a shame a grotty old pub I'd never been in has closed down. And I hope my washing machine is fixed soon." I bet we weren't thinking the same thing at all.

Plender Street Sunset la la laaa

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