Czech mate

Pub 238. The Czech & Slovak Bar 16th November 2013.

 Hiding away behind a big hedge is a pub for our Czechoslovakian brethren. Or Czech & Slovak as we must now call them. I always assumed they didn't get on, but here they all are in a pub specially for them. An odd pub, feeling like a house converted to a hotel and then converted to a social club, but I suppose a 'pub' it is, in practice.

Clearly the only English chap in here, it was none the less very calm, relaxed and friendly - as far as I could tell.  The one nice thing is that although two rooms full of people chatted intently around their tables with funny looking food, and a telly was on, you could hear yourself perfectly. Why? No intrusive jukebox and good old wallpaper and carpet. English landlords take note...

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