An institution

Pub 233. The IoE Student Bar, 24th September 2013.

An odd one this as it's a students' union bar but as it's open to the public it must be treated as any other bar. I suppose.
Unlike the student bar of my own youth ("The Black Hole", Hudds poly) this one seemed very low on ale. But as it was a very warm day I went for a pint of gassy cooking lager (£2.70), and then spied the bottles of Speckled Hen in the fridge. And the single clipless hand-pump tucked away at the far end of the bar that was serving up Doom Bar. Oh well.
I took my pint outside, and was shortly joined by the group of young students, unsurprisingly. A mix of Americans and Brits. The started discussing the Brits' peculiar taste for warm flat beer, and decided that not even most Brits liked it, as we all prefer lager apparently.

I drank my lager and sloped off.

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