The Jeremy Bentham

Pub 7. The Jeremy Bentham, 9th November 2011.

There's not many pubs in our wonderful borough where you can pop round the corner and see the chap whom the place is named after preserved and looking well in a glass box. In fact, I'd wager that the Jeremy Bentham is the only boozer where such a thing is possible, and I suspect that the late Mr Bentham would be rather pleased.
This is a lovely pub and was made even lovelier by the fact that I was able to spend one of my Camra free beer vouchers. Free beer in a nice pub... sometimes life is sweet! Although once again I've left it so long twixt visit and write-up I can't remember what I had. But it was very nice though.

The only annoying thing about the whole evening is that after being sat at the bar by the poppy collection, when I left I noticed that my own poppy had fallen off at some point and all I was left with was a green stem on my lapel.

Nice parquet floors covered by awful rugs
Fine ales

Nice old tap still proving useful
Only one apostrophe allowed per menu

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