What misery!

Pub 286. XO Bar.

Some 150 years ago this pub / bar / place / eatery / space / whatever it calls itself now was known as the Miserable Man. The perfect pub for  a chap like me!

 Fifteen years ago it was still a decent boozer by all accounts, and I had walked by many times them being my Belsize Park residency days but sadly never went in.

Now after a couple of refits The Belsize Tavern became The Belsize, each one becoming more and more gastro and gliztly / nasty and grisly and dull. Now it's the XO Bar and offers "Pan-Asian menu including dim sum and sushi in a modern space with dark wood and scarlet details" That's progress for you.

I must confess I haven't actually been in yet... but I will. I'm in no hurry mind you!

Well I've been in now, and at least it was warm and quiet. And 3 quid a half of Japanese lager. Miserable man indeed!

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